Street Names "A"



Abercorn Rd. 

MOORE THOMAS ERNEST number 496 age 25 died France 01/07/1916 Serjeant Lincolnshire Regiment "B" Coy. 10th Bn, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 1 C. Son of Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Moore, of "The Rest", Old Clee Rd., Cleethorpes, Lincs; husband of Letty Mary Goodman (formerly Moore), of 6, Abercorn Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry. 

Adelaide St.

 CHATLAND WILLIAM GEORGE number '229' Age28 Died 25/04/1915. Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. Belgium, YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 8. Son of George and Sophia Chatland, of 30, Adelaide St., Coventry. 

KENNING ARTHUR GEORGE number 266074 age 22 died 09/06/1917 Lance Corporal Royal Warwickshire Regiment 7th Bn. United Kingdom HIPSWELL (ST. JOHN) CHURCHYARD 26. 5. Son of Mrs. Ann House, of 24, Adelaide St., Coventry.

KENNING JOHN WILLIAM Number 16542 age 23 Died 01/11/1916 Private, Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bn. France THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of Mrs. Ann House, of 24, Adelaide St., Coventry.

WETTON JAMES HENRY number 40408 age 23 died 10/10/1917. Private East Yorkshire Regiment 6th Bn. Belgium DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY IX. J. 7. Son of John and Mary Annie Wetton, of 31, Adelaide St., Coventry.

Albany Rd. 

WORWOOD BERTRAM number 50758 age 18 died 06/06/1918 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bn. France MARFAUX BRITISH CEMETERY VIII. G. 9. Son of Thomas Henry Worwood, of Garrick House, Albany Rd., Coventry.

Albert St

PEPPER CHARLES ARTHUR Number 7631 age 27 Died 18/08/1916. Company Serjeant Major King's Royal Rifle Corps 7th Bn. France THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 13 A and 13 B.Son of John and Mary Pepper, of 25, Albert St., Coventry. 9 years service. Twice previously wounded. 

MASTERS ERNEST HAROLD Age 19 Died 24/12/1918 Lieutenant Royal Air Force 45th Sqdn. France DUISANS BRITISH CEMETERY, ETRUN VIII. B. 60. Croix de Guerre with Palm (France). Resided at Albert St.Son of George and Fanny Masters, of 176, Humber Avenue, Coventry.

Aldermans Gn. 

HOLLAND SW Number 41876 Age 20 Died 04/11/1918 Private, Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Bn. Poland POZNAN OLD GARRISON CEMETERY II. C. 10. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Holland, of 219, Alderman's Green, Foleshill, Coventry. 

WOOD HARRY Number G/69061 age 32 died 30/11/1917 Private Royal Fusiliers 20th Bn. Belgium NINE ELMS BRITISH CEMETERY IX. C. 20. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wood, of Northallerton; husband of Elizabeth Wood, of 129, Aldermans Green, Foleshill, Coventry.

Albion St

BARNES RICHARD Number16224 age 28 Died 21/03/1918 Gunner, Royal Field Artillery "C" Bty. 70th Bde. France FAUBOURG D'AMIENS CEMETERY, ARRAS VII. B. 6. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnes, of 37, Albion St., Coventry.

DAY FRANCIS Number 20109 Age 34 Died 03/09/1916 Private Gloucestershire Regiment 12th Bn. France THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 5 A and 5 B. Adopted son of Mr. F. E. Baker, of 3, Crofts Cottages, Albion St., Coventry.

EARDLEY JOHN WILLIAM Number 266713 age 24 Died 14/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment (4687). 1st/7th Bn. France THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of Mrs. W. Eardley, of 33, Albion St., Coventry; husband of Ada Milne (formerly Eardley), of 4, Union St., Coventry.

O'NEIL JAMES 15106 age 23 died 13/11/1915 Private Durham Light Infantry "A" Coy. 15th Bn. France BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORD I. C. 29. Son of James and Elizabeth O'Neil, of 2, Croft Cottages, Albion St., Coventry.

O'NEIL ALBERT age 29 died 13/08/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "C" Coy. 11th Bn. France THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of James and Elizabeth O'Neil, of 2, Croft Cottages, Albion St., Coventry.

Alfred Rd. 

HARRIS JAMES Age 34 Died 03/02/1918 Private South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Bn. France '5893' METZ-EN-COUTURE COMMUNAL CEMETERY BRITISH EXTENSION II. G. 21. Son of Charles and Elizabeth Harris, of Birmingham; husband of Elizabeth Harris, of 48, Alfred Rd., Hillfields, Coventry.

TAYLOR  K J age 25 died 29/03/1918 Private, Coldstream Guards 4th Bn. France '13419' CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ VIII. Q. 15. Son of John Harrison Taylor and Clara Elizabeth Taylor, of 50, Alfred Rd., Coventry.

Allesley Old Rd. 

WILLDAY CHARLES JAMES age 25 Died 29/06/1918 Private 2nd Class Royal Air Force Recruits Depo age 19 Died 04/05/1918 Private Somerset Light Infantry 6th Bn. France '28669' GRAND-SERAUCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY VI. A. Z. Son of George and Mary Ann Hawthorn, of 121, Allesley Old Rd., Coventry.

Allesley, Arden House. 

MITCHELL JAMES CAMPBELL age 32 died 13/01/1916. Lieutenant Indian Army Reserve of Officers 56th Punjabi Rifles (Frontier Force) Iraq BASRA MEMORIAL Panel 43 and 65. Son of John and Mary Mitchell, of Arden House, Allesley, Coventry. Late of Mercantile Bank of India, Ltd., Calcutta. 

Allesley Pickford House

HARRIS FREDERICK JOHN age 32 Died 18/10/1918 Private Army Service Corps 347th Mechanical Transport Coy. Israel and Palestine (including Gaza) 'M2/133010' JERUSALEM WAR CEMETERY Q. 123.t United Kingdom '198630' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 90. 168. Son of Mrs. E. H. Willday, of 174, Allesley Old Rd., Coventry.

HAWTHORN GEORGE HENRY Son of George and Edith Harris, of Pickford House, Allesley, Coventry.

Allesley Hall Cott. 

WALL CHARLES age 19 Died 09/07/1916 Private Coldstream Guards 4th Bn. Belgium '13807' LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY VIII. C. 8A. Son of George and Elizabeth Wall, of Allesley Hall Cottage, Allesley, Coventry. Born Great Packington, near Coventry.

All Saints Ln

FOSTER G age 51 Died 22/08/1916 Private Gloucestershire Regiment 14th Bn. France '21704' CORBIE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION Plot 2. Row B. Grave 104. Son of John and Caroline Foster, of Coventry; husband of Lucy Foster, of 13, All Saints' Lane, Coventry, Warwickshire.

Alma St. 

GILES STEPHEN WALTER Age 22 Died 15/02/1918 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment Labour Corps 4th Bn. United Kingdom '1400' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 201. 19. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Giles, of 32, Alma St., Coventry. Born at Bewdley, Worcs.

GILES J J Age 28 Died 11/06/1915 Lance Corporal Border Regiment 1st Bn. Turkey (including Gallipoli) '8521' TWELVE TREE COPSE CEMETERY XI. D. 19. Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Giles, of 32, Alma St., Coventry. Of Kidderminster. 8 years 10 months' Service.

HARRINGTON RICHARD Age 20 Died 02/05/1918 Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy H.M.S. "Bombala." United Kingdom 'J/30685' PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL 27 Son of John and Kate Harrington, of 58, Alma St., Coventry. Native of Athlone, Ireland.

RAYBOULD ALBERT ALFRED Age 24 Died 08/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "C" Coy. 11th Bn. France '16849' SERRE ROAD CEMETERY No.2 XXXVI. M. 1/12. Son of William and Fanny Raybould, of 35, Alma St., Coventry.

Argyll St. 

ROPER WILLIAM Age21 Died 10/08/1915 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment  "A" Coy. 9th Bn. Turkey (including Gallipoli) '2594' HELLES MEMORIAL Panel 36 to 38.Son of John Thomas and Jane Ann Roper, of 13, Argyll St., Stoke, Coventry. 

DAVIES ARTHUR EDWARD Age22 Died 07/08/1916 Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps 13th Bn. France 'R/16963' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 7.Son of Ada Jane Davies, of 33, Argyll St., Stoke, Coventry, and the late Edward Davies.

Arden St. 

HURLEY CLAUDE THEODORE Age 37 Died 17/08/1917 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 463rd Bty. 179th Bde. France '202180' AIX-NOULETTE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION I. M. 4. Son of Walter and Clara Hurley; husband of Amie Edith Hurley, of 48, Arden St., Earlsdon, Coventry. Born in London.

MASSINGHAM HARRY Age 35? Died 25/05/1918 Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Bn. France '203399' MAILLY WOOD CEMETERY, MAILLY-MAILLET II. N. 10. Husband of E. M. Massingham, of 56, Arden St., Earlsdon, Coventry.

MEADEN CHARLEY Age 23 12/04/1917 Lance Corporal, Royal Warwickshire Regiment "C" Coy. 1st Bn. France '1708' AUBIGNY COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION II. A. 50. Son of Alfred John and Elizabeth Ann Meaden, of 72, Arden St., Earlsdon, Coventry.

WELLS FRANK WILLIAM Age 21 Died 03/10/1918 Private, Royal Sussex Regiment 13th Bn. France '17145' GLAGEON COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION II. F. 17. Son of Frank W. and Alice Wells, of 64, Arden St., Earlsdon, Coventry.

Arthur St. 

LAMB JOHN ALFRED Age 21 Died26/04/1917 Private, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 162nd Coy. France '73001' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 5 C and 12 C. Son of Mrs. Lucy Lamb, of 2, Arthur St., Coventry, Warwickshire.

Ashbourne Rd. 

BARTLETT ALBERT Age 23 Died 28/08/1918 Private Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 18th Bn. France '377' ASSEVILLERS NEW BRITISH CEMETERY II. E. 3. Son of Francis S. L. and Alice Bartlett, of 43, Aldbourne Rd., Coventry England. Born at West Bromwich, England.

Atkins Sq (Gosford Grn) 

GOULD WALTER Age 19 Died 02/09/1918 Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 8th Bn. France '44935' VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL Panel 7. Son of Edward and Julia Sarah Gould, of 9, Atkin's Square, Gosford Green, Walsgrave Rd., Coventry.

Avon St. 

JEFFS WILLIAM Age 16, Died 14/12/1914 Private Gordon Highlanders 1st Bn. Belgium '6378' ARTHURYPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 38. Son of James William and Annie Florence Jeffs, of 100, Avon St., Upper Stoke, Coventry.

Aylesford St.

DAY J Age 33 Died 05/05/1919 Private Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 8th Bn. United Kingdom '16196' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 219. 39. Son of Mrs. Annie Day, of 59, Clifton St., Old Hill, Staffs; husband of Annie Hodgkins (formerly Day) of 11, Aylesford St., Coventry.

JAMES SIDNEY Age28, Died 31/07/1917 Private London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 1st Bn. Belgium '225265' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 52. Brother of John James, of 24, Aylesford St., Hillfields, Coventry.

MINSTRELL HERBERT Age 20, Died 03/09/1918 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd/6th Bn. France '42135' ROYAL IRISH RIFLES GRAVEYARD, LAVENTIE II. K. 10. Son of Henry and Mary Charlotte Minstrell, of 2, Aylesford St., Hill Fields, Coventry.

SMITH PERCY ARTHUR Age19, Died 26/02/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bn. France '4060' MERVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY VI. M. 4. Son of Arthur and Emily M. Smith, of 4, Aylesford St., Coventry.

TERHEEGE ALBERT Age26, Died 06/04/1918 Gunner Machine Gun Corps (Motors) 11th Bty. Belgium '685' VOORMEZEELE ENCLOSURES NO.1 AND NO.2 I. H. 43. Husband of Elsie Terheege, of 30, Aylesford St., Coventry.