Street Names "L"



Lamb St. SHENSTONE GEORGE Age 19 Died 31/05/1916 Signalman Royal Navy H.M.S. "Invincible." United Kingdom 'J/24441' PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL 14. Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Shenstone, of 24, Lamb St., Coventry, Warwickshire.

Lansdown St. NORTH ARTHUR ALLEN Age 32 Died 18/09/1918 Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Bn. France '43082' EPEHY WOOD FARM CEMETERY, EPEHY II. G. 17. Husband of Annie Morgan (formerly North), of 9, Lansdowne St., Coventry.

Latham Rd. COX GEORGE FREDERICK Age 28 Died 21/03/1918 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 128th Heavy Bty. France '158513' POZIERES MEMORIAL Panel 10. Husband of F. E. M. Cox, of 9, Latham Rd., Coventry.

Leicester Causeway. BREWIN A Age ? Died 19/07/1916 Private Leicestershire Regiment  8th Bn. France '12006' HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE II. B. 52. Husband of Melina Walker (formerly Brewin), of 166, Leicester Causeway, Coventry. 

OAKES GEORGE THOMAS Age 29 Died 12/10/1918 Private Army Service Corps Horse Transport and Supply France 'S/383755' STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVRE Div. 62. V. I. 12. Husband of Laura Oakes, of 50, Leicester Causeway, Coventry, Warwickshire.

REAVES WILLIAM JOHN Age 24 Died 05/11/1917 Gunner Royal Field Artillery "C" Bty. 157th Bde. Belgium '121105' TYNE COT MEMORIAL Panel 4 to 6 and 162. Son of Henry and Zara Anne Reaves, of 187, Leicester Causeway, Coventry.

Leicester St. CHATWIN ALFRED Age 20 Died 19/07/1916 Lance Corporal Royal Warwickshire Regiment "B" Coy. 2nd/7th Bn. France '265148' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 22 to 25. Son of William and Caroline Chatwin, of 55, Leicester St., Coventry.

REEVES JOHN Age 39 Died 29/04/1918 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. France '17455' VIEILLE-CHAPELLE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY, LACOUTURE VII. F. 1. 10 Leicester St. Husband of Clara Reeves, of 10, Sherbourne St., Coventry.

DRAYTON CHARLES HINDON Age 19 Died 16/06/1915 Private Wiltshire Regiment 1st Bn Belgium '19646' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 53. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hindon, of 4, Leicester St., Coventry.

ELDEN PERCY JAMES Age 34 Died 20/09/1918 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bn. France '19613' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 22 to 25. Son of the late Mrs. Amelia Elden, of Broome, Bungay, Suffolk; husband of Bridget Jones (formerly Elden), of 5, Tower Cottages, Leicester St., Coventry. 

GORMAN ARTHUR WILLIAM Age 26 Died 27/05/1917 Lance Serjeant Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2nd Bn. France '9749' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 6. Son of Thomas and Catherine Gorman, of, 37, Leicester St., Coventry.

734224 LINES JOHN Age ? Died 25/09/1915 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd Bn. France '9886' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 22 to 25.Husband of Mrs. T. Lines, of 1 Court, 17 House, Leicester St., Coventry.

PARTRIDGE A J Age ? Died 20/09/1916 Private Norfolk Regiment 2nd Bn. Iraq '8485' BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERY XXI. M. 35. Son of Thomas and Mary Partridge, of 48, Leicester St., Coventry.

TERRY HENRY ARTHUR Age 21 Died 07/05/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 14th Bn. France '28459' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 3. Son of Frederick and Rebecca Terry, of 57, Leicester St., Coventry.

TYLER ARTHUR CHARLES Age 27 Died 21/10/1914 Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Bn. Belgium '9976' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 22. Son of Harry and Annie Tyler, of 3 Court, 2 House, Leicester St., Coventry.

Leigh St. HOLT ALEXANDER Age 25 Died 08/08/1918 Private Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry) 9th Sqdn. France '50756' VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL Panel 10. Son of John Henry and Sarah Ann Holt, of 3, Primrose hill Cottages, Leigh St., Coventry. 

Lentons Ln. LAWSON CHARLES Age 38 M M Died 18/09/1918 Serjeant Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 10th Bn. France '6409' VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL Panel 7. Son of Charles Lawson, of Lenton's Lane; husband of Edith Lawson, of Lenton's Lane, Hawkesbury, Coventry.

TURNER BERNARD LOUIS Age 25 Died 08/02/1917 Rifleman Rifle Brigade 16th Bn. France 'S/29050' HAZEBROUCK COMMUNAL CEMETERY I. D. 2. Husband of Clara Maud Turner, of Lentons Lane, Hawkesbury, Coventry.

Leopold Rd. MORRIS A Age 38 Died 13/12/1918 Gunner Royal Field Artillery No. 4 Depot United Kingdom '830738' BEDFORD CEMETERY, BEDFORDSHIRE I. 265. Son of Mrs. Annie Morris, of 35, Leopold Rd., Hillfields, Coventry. Born at Worcester.

Lincoln St. BRITTAIN HARRY AMOS Age 25 Died 03/06/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 14th Bn. France '16760' ORCHARD DUMP CEMETERY, ARLEUX-EN-GOHELLE V. D. 22. Son of Amos and Elizabeth Brittain, of 16, Lincoln St., Coventry.

SLATER HAROLD Age 27 Died 26/08/1916 Lance Serjeant Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. Belgium '3617' RAILWAY DUGOUTS BURIAL GROUND (TRANSPORT FARM) VI. L. 5. Son of Hedley and Hannah Slater, of 10, Lincoln St., Coventry. Native of Stanningley, Leeds.

Lime Terrace (Lockhurst Ln.). WHETSTONE ANDREW Age 24 Died 31/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 7th Bn. France '4572' ST. SEVER CEMETERY, ROUEN B. 32. 18. Son of Andrew and Emma Whetstone, of Coventry; husband of Amy Whetstone, of 4, Lime Terrace, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry.

Little South St. SIMMONDS THOMAS Age 21 Died 22/08/1915 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 9th Bn. Malta '3324' PIETA MILITARY CEMETERY A. X. 1. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Simmonds, of 10, Little South St., Coventry.

Littlefields. GARNER FREDERICK WILLIAM Age 31 Died 10/02/1917 Private South Wales Borderers 4th Bn. Iraq '44062' BASRA MEMORIAL Panel 16 and 62. Son of Joseph Henry and Victoria Elisabeth Garner, of 57, White Friar's St., Coventry; husband of Alice Docker (formerly Garner), of 44, Little Fields, Stoke Heath, Coventry. 

BARNETT HENRY Age 32 Died 18/12/1914 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. Belgium '9614' PROWSE POINT MILITARY CEMETERY I. B. 12.Husband of Mrs A. Barnett, of 36, Littlefield, Stoke Heath, Coventry. 

Lockhurst Ln. BRADBURY ARTHUR ERNEST Age 30 Died 30/05/1918 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bn. France '266630' SOISSONS MEMORIAL Son of John and Lucy May Bradbury, of 4, Lime Terrace, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry, Warwickshire.

BRIND John Age 25 Died 19/11/1914 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "A" Coy. 2nd Bn. United Kingdom '1533' LEEDS (LAWNSWOOD) CEMETERY Screen Wall. W. 429. Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Brind, of Swindon; husband of Emma Brind, of 216, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry. 

BROWN ALFRED JAMES Age 33 Died 06/12/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd/5th Bn. France '24585' ROCQUIGNY-EQUANCOURT ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, MANANCOURT VIII. B. 19. Son of James and Rose Brown, of Coventry; husband of Caroline Elizabeth Brown, of 36, Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill, Coventry.

MANNERS GEORGE Age 31 Died 11/05/1915 Lance Corporal York and Lancaster Regiment 2nd Bn. France '6749' HOUPLINES COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION II. E. 4. Son of James Manners, of Coundon; husband of Elsie M. Manners, of 100, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry.

WILSON JAMES Age 34 Died 14/08/1916 Engine Room Artificer Royal Naval Reserve H.M.S. "Lameroo." United Kingdom '370EB' PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL 19 Son of James and Jean Wilson, of Barrow-in-Furness; husband of Margaret Ann Wilson, of 246, Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill, Coventry.

London Rd. WARD ANTHONY Age 21 Died 04/10/1917 Private Devonshire Regiment 1st Bn. Belgium '24469' TYNE COT CEMETERY XLVII. G. 6. Son of Emma Ward, of 29, London Rd., Coventry, and the late William Ward.

DEGNAN JOSEPH Age 23 Died 25/09/1914 Private Coldstream Guards 1st Bn. France '10043' VENDRESSE CHURCHYARD Sp. Mem. 9. Son of Michael Henry and Adelaide Degnan, of 50, London Rd., Coventry.

GARNER DAVID Age ? Died 14/06/1917 Private Wiltshire Regiment 6th Bn. United Kingdom '20144' WARRINGTON CEMETERY C. CE. 799. Son of Mr. F. Garner, of II, London Rd., Coventry.

GASKIN THOMAS Age 34 Died 28/08/1914 Petty Officer Stoker Royal Navy H.M.S. "Victory." United Kingdom '298849(PO)' PORTLAND ROYAL NAVAL CEMETERY 530 Son of Thomas Gaskin, of 9, London Rd., Coventry, and the late Jane Ellen Gaskin.

LYNES THOMAS Age 32 Died 19/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 11th Bn. France '9590' HEILLY STATION CEMETERY, MERICOURT-L'ABBE II. D. 45. Husband of Jane Lynes, of 2 Court, 2 House, London Rd., Coventry.

Little Heath Rd. FLOCKTON ALBERT VICTOR Age 20 Died 06/09/1914 Private Coldstream Guards 1st Bn. France '10203' MONTREUIL-AUX-LIONS BRITISH CEMETERY Sp. Mem. Son of Joseph William and Emma Flockton, of 137, Little Heath Road, Foleshill, Coventry. Born at Stratford-upon-Avon. 

FOSTER WILLIAM Age 29 Died 18/09/1914 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. France '9359' LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIAL Husband of Mrs. E. J. Foster, of 30, Roseland Cottages, Little Heath, Foleshill, Coventry.

GAMBLE HARRY  Age 19 Died 09/01/1916 Private Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) 10th Bn. United Kingdom '13047' KELBROOK (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD C. 51. Old ground. Son of Henry and Mary Ann Gamble, of 136, Little Heath Rd., Foleshill, Coventry.

LOMBARD ERNEST Age 33 Died 19/06/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/6th Bn. France '242732' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 3. Son of William and Sarah Lombard, of The New Inn, Little Heath, Foleshill; husband of Emma Lombard, of 124, Little Heath Rd., Foleshill, Coventry.

O'MARA JOSEPH Age 23  Died 15/09/1916 Private Leicestershire Regiment 1st Bn. France '10779' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 2 C and 3 A. Son of Ted and Violet O'Mara, of 81, Little Heath, Coventry; husband of Jane Satchwell (formerly O'Mara), of 91, Much Park St., Coventry.

Little Park St. PORTMAN ALBERT Age 19 Died 19/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd/7th Bn. France '266488' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 22 to 25. Son of George William and Jane Portman, of 56, Little Park St., Coventry.

FLINT EDWARD Age28 Died 25/11/1916 Corporal Lincolnshire Regiment 10th Bn. France '43662' BREWERY ORCHARD CEMETERY, BOIS-GRENIER IV. C. 29,. Son of John and Sarah Flint, of St. Neots, Hunts; husband of Eva Flint, of 10, House, 14 Court, Little Park St., Coventry.

Longford Rd. WILLIAMS CHARLES Age 24 Died 15/02/1917 Lance Corporal Royal Welsh Fusiliers 8th Bn. Iraq '12524' BASRA MEMORIAL Panel 15. Son of Thomas and Emily Williams, of 252, Longford Rd., Longford, Coventry.

VIALS CHARLES DAVID Age 28 Died 13/11/1914 Corporal Bedfordshire Regiment 1st Bn. France '7859' LE TOURET MEMORIAL Panel 10 and 11. Husband of Emma Tansley (formerly Vials), of 268, Longford Rd., Longford, Coventry.

LUCAS RICHARD BERT Age 31 Died 11/03/1915 Able Seaman Royal Navy (RFR/PO/B/6081). H.M.S. "Bayano." United Kingdom 'SS/120' PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL 7 Son of William and Sarah Lucas, of Eurek Villa, Park Rd., Bedworth, Warwickshire; husband of Beatrice Lucas, of 30, Longford Rd., Foleshill, Coventry.

FLINT JOHN BRYAN Age 27 Died 01/03/1919 Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps 4th Bn. United Kingdom '8851' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 110. 2. Son of Mrs. E. S. Flint, of 68, Longford Rd., Longford, Coventry.

ADAMS JOHN Age 28 Died 06/11/1914 Private Welsh Regiment 2nd Bn. Belgium '8094' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 37. Son of Caleb and Sarah Ann Adams; husband of Elizabeth Abigail Adams, of 376, Longford Rd., Exhall, Coventry.

Lord St. BARKER THOMAS HENRY Age 25 Died 21/08/1918 Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 1st Bn. France '227029' BIENVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERY XX. E. 5. Son of Arthur F. and Amelia Barker, of 8, Lord St., Chapel Fields, Coventry.

COOKE WILLIAM FREDRICK Age 21 Died 17/03/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "A" Coy., 1st/7th Bn. France '2469' FONCQUEVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERY I. D. 15. Son of Thomas William and Eleanor Eliza Cooke, of 13, Lord St., Chapelfields, Coventry.

Lower Ford St. SIDWELL ERNEST Age 28 Died 15/09/1914 Private The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 1st Bn. France '9043' VENDRESSE BRITISH CEMETERY IV. D. 9. Son of William Sidwell, of 132, Lower Ford St., Coventry.

RAWLINS BERT Age 34 Died 25/04/1915 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. Belgium '7262' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 8. Son of William Rawlins; husband of Mrs. M. A. Rawlins, of 13, Lower Ford St., Coventry.

Lower Nelson St. CLEWS FRANK Age 24 Died 23/07/1916 Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Bn. France '22503' DELVILLE WOOD CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL XXXI. G. 6. Son of Mrs. Louisa Clews, of 29, Lower Nelson St., Coventry.

Low Common. SMITH THOMAS HENRY Age 32 Died 17/03/1918 Private Royal Fusiliers Labour Corps United Kingdom '11221' BRAUNSTON (ALL SAINTS) CHURCHYARD EXTENSION, DAVENTRY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewin, of High St., Braunston; husband of Maria Clarke (formerly Smith), of Low Common, Walsgrave, Coventry. 

Lowther St. WHITEHOUSE A E Age 28 24/06/1915 Serjeant King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Bn. France '5857' CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERY I. D. 14. Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Whitehouse; husband of Ada Whitehouse, of 59, Lowther St., Stoke, Coventry. Native of Birmingham.

HIGH FREDERICK WILLIAM Age 18 Died 30/12/1917 Troop Cook Mercantile Marine S.S. "Aragon" (Belfast) United Kingdom TOWER HILL MEMORIAL Son of Walter James and Emily High (nee Tennant), of 19, Lowther St., Coventry. Born at Cardiff.

Lydgate Rd. AVERNS RAYMOND FREDERICK JOHN Age 22 Died 30/07/1918 Private Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)n 6th Bn. France '17772' CONDE-SUR-L'ESCAUT COMMUNAL CEMETERY A. 78. Son of Raymond Herbert and Laura Dean Averns, of 12, Lydgate Rd., Coventry.

Lynton Rd. REYNOLDS L N Age 24 Died 27/02/1919 Sapper Royal Engineers 214th Army Troops Coy. United Kingdom '91824' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 239. 196. Son of Mrs. Adelaide Reynolds, of 18, Lynton Rd., Foleshill, Coventry. 

Lyon St. WARING JOHN JAMES Age 29 Died 07/03/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France '266460' BRAY MILITARY CEMETERY II. D. 49. Husband of Emma Waring, of 23 Court, 10 House, Lyon St. 1 Coventry.

Lythalls Ln. WORWOOD JOHN THOMAS Age 21 Died 25/08/1918 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 1st R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. France 'PO/17613' VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL Panel 1. Son of Mr. and Mrs J. Worwood, of 12, Alexandra Terrace, Lythalls Lane, Foleshill, Coventry.

WOOD W R Age 39 Died 11/10/1915 Private South Staffordshire Regiment 1st Bn. France '9779' WOBURN ABBEY CEMETERY, CUINCHY I. G. 1. Brother of Henry Wood, of "Blenheim," Lythalls Lane, Foleshill, Coventry. Native of Birmingham.

RHODES FRED Age 19 Died 04/11/1918 Private Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France '59392' LANDRECIES BRITISH CEMETERY B. 35. Son of William H. and Jane Rhodes, of "Woodville," Lythalls Lane, Coventry.

HARRIS JOHN SAMUEL Age 31 Died 16/06/1915 Private Canadian Infantry 3rd Bn. France '63455' VIMY MEMORIAL Son of Enoch and Emily Harris, of "Kemscote," Lythalls Lane, Coventry, England.

ENDALL WILFRED REGINALD Age 19 Died 18/11/1918 Private Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th. Bn. France '59382' ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN S. III. O. 22. Son of Joseph and Minnie Endall, of "Elliscombe," Lythalls Lane, Coventry. Native of Marlow, Bucks.

ASKEW WILFRED ROBERT Age 23 Died 26/10/1917 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 2nd R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. Belgium 'CH/2211(S)' POELCAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERY XVI. E. 6. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Askew, of 68, Lythalls Lane, Foleshill, Coventry.