Street Names "M"



Market St. CORDIN WILLIAM ALFRED Age 21 Died 17/08/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/6th Bn. France '5154' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of William Cordin, of 6, Market St., Longford, Coventry.

Marsworth St. WARD JOHN PERCY Age 31 Died 26/04/1918 Gunner Royal Field Artillery "D" Bty. 162nd Bde. France '845308' ARNEKE BRITISH CEMETERY I. D. 14. Husband of L. Ward, of 7, Marsworth St., Coventry.

Maudslay Rd. COTTERRELL REGINALD ELVAN Age 08/10/1918 Private Royal Marine Light Infantry 1st R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. France 'PO/2543(S)' VIS-EN-ARTOIS MEMORIAL Panel 1. Son of William and Fanny Cotterrell, of Lower Wyche, Malvern, Worcs.; husband of Beatrice E. Ryder (formerly Cotterrell), of "Ingle Nook," 77, Maudslay Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry. 

Maycock Rd. JOHNSON ARTHUR Age 38 Died 01/11/1914 Private 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) Belgium '5379' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 5. Son of Rosa and the late Henry Johnson; husband of Kathleen Johnson, of 21, Maycock Rd., Foleshill, Coventry.

Mayfield Rd. SAUL FREDERICK ARTHUR Age 22 Died 28/10/1918 Lance Corporal Wiltshire Regiment 7th Bn. France '14490' ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN S. II. G. 15. Son of Caroline Saul, of 74, Mayfield Rd., Coventry.

STRINGER LEONARD FRANK Age 25 Died 21/03/1918 Lance Corporal Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Bn. France '307496' BANCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY III. A. 8. Son of Mr. H. Stringer, of 59, Mayfield Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry. 

Meadway. GRIFFIN HERBERT HENRY Age 27 Died 21/10/1918 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd Bn Italy '17953' GIAVERA BRITISH CEMETERY, ARCADE Plot 3. Row D. Grave 6. Husband of Mrs. A. M. Griffin, of 36, Meadway, Stoke Heath, Coventry.

HOLMES CHARLES Age 35 Died 30/09/1918 Private London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 1st Bn. Belgium '228277' SCHOONSELHOF CEMETERY Plot IIa, 32. Son of Richard and Louise Holmes; husband of Beatrice Ellen Holmes, of 48, Meadway, Stoke Heath, Coventry. Born at Northampton.

Melbourne Rd. COMPTON JAMES HENRY Age 28 Died 29/03/1918 Lance Corporal Gloucestershire Regiment 8th Bn. France '33629' ABBEVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION II. C. 27. Husband of G. M. Compton, of 202, Melbourne Rd., Coventry. Of Coventry. 

WELLS ALFRED WILLIAM Age 24 Died 23/03/1918 Private Army Service Corps 283rd Coy. Mechanical Transport France 'M2/033710' LA NEUVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY, CORBIE C. 17. Son of Mrs. E. Bates, of 166, Melbourne Rd., Coventry.

Melville Rd. PEART OSWALD ALFRED Age 25 Died 15/09/1917 Ordinary Seaman Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve S.S. "Ravensworth." United Kingdom 'Bristol Z/9401' PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL 25 Son of William John and Elizabeth Peart, of 6, Melville Rd., Coventry.

Meriden Hall. BANKES EDWARD NUGENT Age 39 Died 26/04/1915 Captain Royal Dublin Fusiliers 3rd Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. Belgium YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 44 and 46. Son of the late Henry H. Nugent Bankes and the Hon. Mrs. Nugent Bankes; husband of Lettice A. Bankes, of "Meriden Hall," Coventry. Served in the South African Campaign with Lumsden's Horse and Dorset Imperial Yeomanry, subsequently in the 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays).

Meriden St. BARRETT FREDERICK HENRY Age 32 Died 04/05/1917 Private Army Service Corps 905th M.T. Coy. Italy 'DM2/206859' SAVONA TOWN CEMETERY D. 3. Son of S. A. and W. Barrett; husband of R. M. Barrett, of "Annandale," 17, Meriden St., Coventry. Born at Northampton.

Mickleton Rd. TOWE WALLACE Age 21 Died 20/12/1915 Private Gloucestershire Regiment 7th Bn. Malta '22429' PIETA MILITARY CEMETERY C. III. 2. Son of Wallace and Emma Towe, of 30, Mickleton Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry.

NELSON PERCY HAROLD Age 19 Died 24/10/1918 Private Worcestershire Regiment 1st/8th Bn. France '52879' CROSS ROADS CEMETERY, FONTAINE-AU-BOIS IV. A. 25. Son of Alfred and Miriam Nelson, of 50, Mickleton Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry.

HAND ALBERT Age 26 Died 14/10/1916 Private The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 8th Bn. France '27131' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 11 A. Husband of Edith May Holiday (formerly Hand), of 37, Mickleton Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry.

Mill Hse. BROOKES HENRY OLIVER Age 23 Died 22/09/1917 Sapper Royal Engineers 214th Army Troops Coy. Belgium '99011' DOZINGHEM MILITARY CEMETERY VII. D. 3. Son of Henry and Prudence Brookes, of Mill House, Whitley, Coventry. 

Mill St. GILLESPIE HORACE JOHN Age 24 Died 15/06/1917 Rifleman Rifle Brigade 11th Bn. United Kingdom 'S/24440' KENSAL GREEN (ALL SOULS') CEMETERY 213. 7. 28. (Screen Wall.). Son of Alice Ingledew (formerly Gillespie), of 23, Mill St., Coventry, and the late Alexander Gillespie. Born in London.

HOGAN THOMAS Age 19 Died 26/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France '4458' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of William and Lizzie Hogan, of 8, Mill St., Coventry.

Milton St. WARD ALBERT EDWARD Age 19 Died 13/08/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 11th Bn. France '17758' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of Albert Edward and Martha Ward, of 66, Milton St., Stoke, Coventry. 

Minster Rd. FARMER ALBERT EDWARD Age 21 Died 25/06/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 14th Bn. France '16881' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 3. Son of George and Mary Jane Farmer, of 20, Minster Rd., Coventry.

FARMER HENRY GORDON Age 16 Died 31/05/1916 Boy 1st Class Royal Navy H.M.S. "Malaya." United Kingdom 'J/40828' PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL 13 Son of George and Mary Jane Farmer, of 20, Minster Rd., Holyhead Rd., Coventry.

Moat St. FRENCH JAMES Age 24 Died 15/05/1917 Private The King's (Liverpool Regiment) Depot United Kingdom '41185' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 212. 4. Son of James French, of 10, League Place, Moat St., Coventry.

Moor St. HEWITT JAMES MOSS Age 24 Died 31/05/1916 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class Royal Navy H.M.S. "Queen Mary." United Kingdom 'M/5451' PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL 15 Son of Eliza Mary Hewitt, of 35, Moor St., Earlsdon, Coventry, and the late James Moss Hewitt.

HOUGHTON LEONARD WELLS Age 25 Died 04/05/1917 Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st/4th Bn. Italy '35646' SAVONA MEMORIAL Husband of Maud Houghton, of 78, Moor St., Earlsdon, Coventry.

Monks Rd. COOPER EDWARD Age 19 Died 18/04/1918 Corporal Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd/6th Bn. France '202195' ST. VENANT-ROBECQ ROAD BRITISH CEMETERY, ROBECQ I. E. 20. Son of Mr. J. Cooper, of 57, Monks Rd., Coventry. 

Mount Pleasant. SHEPHERD ARTHUR Age 30 Died 17/08/1917 Private Worcestershire Regiment 2nd/8th Bn. Belgium '242213' BRANDHOEK NEW MILITARY CEMETERY NO.3 I. A. 1. Brother of Mrs. Selina Small, of 12th Grove, Mount Pleasant, Coventry.

SMITH THOMAS ELI Age 24 Died 11/06/1918 Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force Worcestershire Regiment United Kingdom WYKEN (ST. MARY MAGDALENE) CHURCHYARD In South-West part. Son of George and Edith M. Smith, of Mount Pleasant, Walsgrave-on-Sowe, Coventry.

Mount St. GARRATT WILLIAM Age 19 Died 16/04/1918 Private The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 13th Bn. France '91324' CHOCQUES MILITARY CEMETERY III. C. 6. Son of George and Sarah Garratt, of 49, Mount St., Coventry, Warwickshire.

ISON ARTHUR ERNEST Age 20 Died 27/08/1915 Corporal Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 2nd Bn. France '11230' GUARDS CEMETERY, WINDY CORNER, CUINCHY II. C. 10. Son of Joseph Albert and Isabella Ison, of 54, Mount St., Allesley Old Rd., Coventry.

OVERTON ARTHUR WILLIAM Age 20 Died 21/03/1918 Private Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 25th Coy. France '11044' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 10. Son of Arthur and Zelpha Sophia Overton, of 60, Mount St., Coventry.

SHILTON WILLIAM HENRY Age 39 Died 11/04/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. France '27896' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 3. Son of W. H. Shilton, of Smethwick, Birmingham; husband of A. A. Shilton, of 38, Mount St., Coventry.

Much Park St. CLEAVER JOSEPH TURTON Age 31 Died 01/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France '4302' HEBUTERNE MILITARY CEMETERY Sp. Mem. 18. Son of Samuel and Ellen Cleaver, of 7, Providence Place, Much Park St., Coventry.

GRANT FREDERICK Age / Died 25/09/1915 Private Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Bn. Belgium '13684' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 37 and 39. Husband of Rose Hannah Benny (formerly Grant), of 7 Court, 5 House, Much Park St., Coventry.

HAYES WILLIAM THOMAS Age 45 Died 23/04/1918 Serjeant Northumberland Fusiliers 2nd Bn. Iraq '48726' BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEMETERY XII. M. 6. Son of W. T. and Harriet Hayes; husband of H. E. Hayes, of 12 Court, 2nd House, Much Park St., Coventry. Born at Fillongley, Warwickshire. 

HERBERT WILLIAM Age 28 Died 10/04/1918 Private Worcestershire Regiment 3rd Bn. France '42463' CROIX-DU-BAC BRITISH CEMETERY, STEENWERCK Sp. Mem. B. 5. Brother of George Herbert, of 33/11, Much Park St., Coventry.

NORTON RICHARD Age 19 Died 18/02/1919 Private London Regiment 19th Bn. United Kingdom '612370' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 88. 41. Son of John and E. J. Norton, of 62, Much Park St., Coventry.

O'MARA JOSEPH Age 23 Died 15/09/1916 Private Leicestershire Regiment 1st Bn. France '10779' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 2 C and 3 A. Son of Ted and Violet O'Mara, of 81, Little Heath, Coventry; husband of Jane Satchwell (formerly O'Mara), of 91, Much Park St., Coventry.

SHEPPARD JAMES WILLIAM Age 25 Died 02/10/1914 Private Worcestershire Regiment 11th Bn. United Kingdom '17730' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 187. 68. Son of Joseph and Annie Sheppard, of Coventry; husband of Amy, of 30, Court, 3, House, Much Park Street., Coventry.

WEBB JOSEPH Age 19 Died 14/07/1916 Driver Royal Field Artillery 20th Bty. Iraq '118838' BASRA MEMORIAL Panel 3 and 60. Son of Mrs. Rose Webb, of 136, Much Park St., Coventry.

Mulliner St. CLARKE JOHN WILLIAM Age ? Died 25/04/1915 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "D" Coy. 1st Bn. Belgium '7536' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 8. Husband of Alice A. Clarke, of Mulliner St., Coventry. Native of Leicester. Also served in India.

DESBOROUGH THOMAS HENRY Age 21 Died 19/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "D" Coy. 2nd/7th Bn. France '266259' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 22 to 25. Son of W. and Georgina Desborough, of 60, Mulliner St., Coventry. 

SWAIN FRANK Age 19 Died 28/02/1918 Private Suffolk Regiment 2nd Bn France '242105' LONDON CEMETERY, NEUVILLE-VITASSE Wancourt Road Cem. No. 2 Mem., Panel 2. Son of Albert Swain, of 17, Mulliner St., Coventry.

Munitions Cottages. NIXON WALTER HARRY Age 28 Died 01/08/1918 Private South Staffordshire Regiment 2nd Bn. France '25057' BIENVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERY XVIII. D. 13. Son of Reuben and Laura Nixon, of Hinckley; husband of E. M. Nixon, of 100, Munition Cottage, Foleshill, Coventry.

ASH SYDNEY Age 18 Died 12/04/1918 Private Worcestershire Regiment 2nd Bn. Belgium '41919' WULVERGHEM-LINDENHOEK ROAD MILITARY CEMETERY V. D. 18. Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ash, of 285, Munition Cottages, Holbrooks Lane, Foleshill, Coventry.