Street Names N & O



Narrow Ln. ATKIN JOHNSON Age 37 Died 15/05/1916 2nd Corporal Royal Engineers 214th Army Troops Coy. France '99068' VILLERS-BOCAGE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION E. 7. Son of the late William and Harriet Atkin, of Bridlington; husband of Violet Atkin, of 26, Narrow Lane, Coventry.

BEAL ERNEST Age 19 Died 23/03/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France '2401' FONCQUEVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERY I. C. 8. Son of William and Nellie Beal, of 147, Narrow Lane, Coventry.

HORTON WILLIAM HENRY Age 23 M M Died 14/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "A" Coy. 1st/7th Bn. France '2399' POZIERES BRITISH CEMETERY, OVILLERS-LA BOISSELLE I. J. 6. Only son of William and Clara Horton, of 123, Narrow Lane, Coventry.

HOTTON HAROLD REGINALD Age 20 Died 15/10/1914 Private Royal Scots 2nd Bn. France '11346' VIEILLE-CHAPELLE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY, LACOUTURE VIII. B. 23. Son of Harold M. and Caroline M. Hotton, 173, Narrow Lane, Coventry. Born at Lancaster.

New Buildings. HOGAN FRANCIS JOSEPH Age 34 Died 27/03/1918 Private Irish Guards 3rd Bn. United Kingdom '8623' COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 193. 207. Son of James and Jane Hogan, of Coventry; husband of Ellen Hogan, of 35, New Buildings, Coventry. 

SHARRATT GEORGE ALBERT Age 22 Died 31/07/1917 Private Devonshire Regiment 2nd Bn. Belgium '23885' TYNE COT CEMETERY XXVI. H. 23. Son of Mrs. Annie Agnes Sharratt, of 8 Court, 2 House, New Buildings, Coventry.

Newcombe Rd. JEFFS ALBERT Age 22 Died 14/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France '2626' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of Hannah Booton (formerly Jeffs), of 77, Newcombe Rd., Coventry, and the late Harry Edward Jeffs.

SANT ALBERT GEORGE Age 20 Died 24/07/1917 Private Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 73rd Coy. Belgium '97669' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 56. Son of Mrs. Louisa Treen, of 27, Newcombe Rd., Coventry.

TEALE CHARLES JOHN Age 40 Died 02/06/1919 Private Royal Army Service Corps  India 'M/333404' TRIMULGHERRY CANTONMENT CEMETERY Plot C. Grave 1443. Husband of Edith Mary Teale, of 24, Newcombe Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry.

UNDERWOOD HARRY HASSALL Age 18 Died 26/09/1915 Sapper Royal Engineers 89th Field Coy. Belgium '49387' MENIN ROAD SOUTH MILITARY CEMETERY Menin Road North Mem. 7. Son of Emily Barnes (formerly Undervood), of 100, Newcombe Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry.

WORRALL ALFRED THOMAS Age 21 Died 14/07/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France '4573' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of Dorothea Maria Darvill (formerly Worrall), of 106, Newcombe Rd., Earlsdon, Coventry.

Newdigate Rd. DUNN THOMAS WILLIAM Age 26 Died 05/10/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. Belgium '265603' TYNE COT MEMORIAL Panel 23 to 28 and 163A. Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Dunn, of 6, Newdigate Rd., Coventry. 

SIMS FREDERICK ARTHUR Age 23 Died 03/05/1917 Rifleman Rifle Brigade 9th Bn. France 'B/203121' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 9. Son of Josiah and Ellen Sims, of 9, Newdigate Rd., Coventry; husband of Alice Mary Sims, of 93, Raglan St., Coventry.

New George St. YARDLEY FRANK Age 29 Died 07/08/1917 Second Lieutenant Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 246th Coy. Belgium YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 56. Son of Laura E. Yardley, of 77, New George St., Coventry, and the late Walter Yardley.

ALGAR CHARLES Age 34 Died 24/10/1918 Private Somerset Light Infantry 1st Bn. France '18705' VERCHAIN BRITISH CEMETERY, VERCHAIN-MAUGRE C. 18. Son of Mrs. L. Algar, of 645, New George St., Coventry.

Nicholls St. ALDRIDGE CALEB Age ? Died 19/04/1918 Private Gloucestershire Regiment 2nd/5th Bn. France '37884' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 60 to 64. Son of Caleb and Alice Aldridge, of 136, Nicholls St, Hillfields, Coventry; husband of Sarah Jane Aldridge, of 4/116, Cromwell St., Nechells, Birmingham.

CLIFFORD ALBERT HENRY Age 30 Died 13/10/1915 Corporal Royal Berkshire Regiment 8th Bn. France '14742' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 93 to 95. Son of Mrs. Ellen Clifford, of 27, Church Rd., Rainbow Hill, Worcester; husband of Margaret Clifford, of 82, Nicholls St., Hillfields, Coventry.

GRIFFIN THOMAS EDMUND Age 24 Died 14/03/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 16th Bn. France '22678' CAMBRIN MILITARY CEMETERY H. 24. Husband of Mabel Winifred Griffin, of 69, Nicholls St., Coventry.

OWEN WILLIAM ALFRED Age 23 Died 25/01/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 9th Bn. Iraq '2490' AMARA WAR CEMETERY XIX. K. 10. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Owen, of 107, Nicholls St., Coventry.

ROBINSON ERNEST CHARLES Age 30 Died 20/01/1919 Lieutenant Royal Air Force 10th Sqdn. France LILLE SOUTHERN CEMETERY I. D. 11. 114 Nicholls St. Son of Thomas and Ann Robinson; husband of Ethel Gertrude Robinson, of 28, Starley Rd., Coventry. Born at Stafford.

REENE WALTER CHARLES Age 30 Died 05/11/1917 Private Army Service Corps G.H.Q. 2nd Echelon (Intell. Dept.) Egypt 'S/33969' CAIRO WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY F. 327. Husband of Drusilla Reene, of 68, Nicholls St., Coventry. 

TRUSLOVE HARRY Age 21 Died 23/04/1918 Driver Royal Field Artillery "C" Bty. 307th Bde. France '840762' DIVE COPSE BRITISH CEMETERY, SAILLY-LE-SEC III. D. 1. Son of Harry and Mary Ann Truslove, of 116, Nicholls St., Coventry. Enlisted May, 1915.

WAGSTAFFE GEORGE Age 28 Died 16/05/1915 Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Bn. France '8059' LE TOURET MEMORIAL Panel 13 and 14. Son of Amos and Anna Wagstaffe, of 150, Nicholls St., Coventry; husband of Jane Elizabeth Gill (formerly Wagstaffe), of 50, Well St., Coventry.

Norfolk St. BURROWS ALFRED Age 35 Died 13/10/1914 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Bn. France '9762' METEREN MILITARY CEMETERY III. F. 712. (Buried near this spot). Son of William and Alice Burrows, of 11, Norfolk St., Coventry.

SALMONS WILLIAM JOHN Age 21 M M Died 23/04/1918 Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force 65th Sqdn. United Kingdom COVENTRY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY 26. 153. Son of William and Annie Maria Salmons, of 26, Norfolk St., Coventry. 

North St. CLEWS LEONARD Age 21 Died 11/08/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. Belgium '265907' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 8. Son of Charles and Alice Clews, of 155, North St., Upper Stoke, Coventry.

ATHAWAY ALBERT FREDERICK Age 19 Died 03/04/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. France '1937' FONCQUEVILLERS MILITARY CEMETERY I. C. 5. Nephew of Mrs. E. A. Alcock, of 67, North St., Stoke, Coventry.

Northfield Rd. ADAMS CHARLES ERNEST Age 30 Date 20/10/1917 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 25th Bty. 35th Bde. Belgium '183957' TYNE COT MEMORIAL Panel 4 to 6 and 162. Son of Charles and Rose Adams, of 104, Queen's Walk, Peterborough; husband of Amy Ethel Adams, of 50, Northfield Rd., Coventry.

BROWN J. AMBROSE Age 19 Date 02/04/1917 Private The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 2nd Bn. France '13274' CROISILLES BRITISH CEMETERY I. A. 27. Son of Ambrose Brown, of 44, Northfield Rd., Coventry.

Northumberland Rd. DEBENHAM WILLIAM BERTRAM Age 24 Died 15/09/1916 Private Machine Gun Corps (Heavy Branch) "D" Coy. France '206155' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 5 C and 12 C. Son of Mrs. Annie Laureen Appleton, of 33, Northumberland Rd., Coventry. 

JOHNSON MONTAGUE Age 21 Died 03/09/1916 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 16th Bn. France '15/1576' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of Herbert Arnold and Fanny Sophia Johnson, of 14, Northumberland Rd., Coventry. Took his degree (A.R.C.M.) as a violinist when he was 14 years of age.

McGHIE WILLIAM IRONSIDE Age 38 Died 06/02/1917 Lance Corporal Machine Gun Corps (Heavy Branch)  "A" Bn. France '40145' ST. POL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION D. 14. Son of James and Edith McGhie; husband of Annie E. McGhie, of 36, Northumberland Rd., Coventry.

Oakhurst. WATERS REGINALD RIGDEN Age 22 Died 24/10/1916 Captain Royal Warwickshire Regiment 4th Bn. attd. 1st Bn. France THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Son of Lucy Fownes Waters, of Oakhurst, Coundon, Coventry, and the late Hubert David Waters.

Old House Ln. STEELEY HERBERT WALTER Age 27 Died 03/07/1915 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 9th Div. Ammunition Col. France '58396' ROBECQ COMMUNAL CEMETERY 11 Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Steeley, of Old House Lane, Corley, Coventry; husband of Elizabeth Steeley, of Stone House, Red Hill, Fillongley.

Old Rd. BEACHAM WILLIAM CJHARLES Age 18 Died 27/04/1918 Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 2nd Bn. France '50545' ADELAIDE CEMETERY, VILLERS-BRETONNEUX II. P. 14. Son of William and Emma Beacham, of Raglan House, Old Rd., Allesley, Coventry, Warwickshire.

Oliver St. COLLIER BERNARD Age 27 Died 23/01/1919 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 156th Siege Bty. United Kingdom '177209' ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH CEMETERY 957. Husband of Sarah Ann Duggan (formerly Collier), of 50, Oliver St., Coventry.

SEAMARK WALTER ERNEST Age 20 Died 24/10/1914 Private Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Bn. Belgium '3/9128' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 43 and 45. Son of Mrs. Georgiana Durose, of 11, Oliver St., Coventry.

Ordinance Rd. WATERS ERNEST CHARLES Age 23 Died 25/04/1915 Lance Corporal Royal Fusiliers  2nd Bn. Turkey (including Gallipoli) 'L/11232' HELLES MEMORIAL Panel 38 to 42 or 328. Son of Ernest Charles Waters, of 1, Ordnance Rd., Coventry; husband of Christina Mary Waters, of 9, Church Place, Rathmines, Co. Dublin.

Orwell Rd. LEE FRANK Age 40 Died 12/04/1918 Private Yorkshire Regiment 4th Bn. Belgium '42392' PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL Panel 4. Father of Ellen Lee, of 24, Orwell Rd., Coventry.

Oxford St. HASWELL FRANK HERBERT Age 19 Died 14/10/1918 Private Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1st Bn. Belgium '47073' DADIZEELE NEW BRITISH CEMETERY II. A. 11. Son of George and Clara Haswell, of 61, Oxford St., Coventry.