Street Names "F"



Far Gosford St. BAKER ALFRED CHARLES Age 20 Died 27/05/1918 Private Worcestershire Regiment "C" Coy. 3rd Bn. France '41820' SOISSONS MEMORIAL Son of Laura Ellen Baker, of 5 Court, 3 House, Far Gosford St., Coventry, and the late William Baker.

JONES ERNEST Age 36 Died 25/09/1915 Private Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 2nd Bn. France '13096' LOOS MEMORIAL Panel 83 to 85. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, of 4, Victoria Place, Far Gosford St., Coventry; husband of Mrs. E. Jones, of 11, All Saints Lane, Coventry, Warwickshire.

MATTHEWS E Age 22 Died 13/12/1918 Private Royal Army Medical Corps 44th Motor Amb. Convoy France '135683' FILLIEVRES BRITISH CEMETERY B. 28. Son of James and Ellen Matthews. of 54, Far Gosford St., Coventry.

MORLEY HUBERT ARTHUR Age 18 Died 27/10/1918 Cadet Royal Air Force No. 7 Sqdn. No. 7 Observers School of Aeronautics United Kingdom '180148' BATH (LOCKSBROOK) CEMETERY C. D. 97. Son of Arthur O. and Annie S. Morley, 67, Far Gosford St., Coventry.

SHAW JOHN PHILLIP Age 19 Died 15/11/1916 Lance Corporal Royal Warwickshire Regiment 11th Bn. France '1751' REDAN RIDGE CEMETERY NO.3, BEAUMONT-HAMEL B. 7. Son of Phillip and Lucy Charlotte Shaw, of 13/11, Far Gosford St., Coventry.

SHUFFLEBOTHAM EDWARD Age 21 Died 04/05/1917 Lance Corporal Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd Bn. France '1645' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 3. Son of Edwin A. Shufflebotham, of 5/11 House, Far Gosford St., Coventry.

SHUFFLEBOTHAM FRANK ALBERT Age 23 Died 03/11/1914 Private Northamptonshire Regiment 1st Bn. Belgium '9353' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 43 and 45. Son of Mr. E. A. Shufflebotham, of Court 5, House II, Far Gosford St., Coventry.

Farman Rd. MERRY JAMES SAMUEL Age 34 Died 07/10/1915 Private Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 10th Bn. Turkey (including Gallipoli) '1381' SHELL GREEN CEMETERY II. I. 1. Son of James Samuel and Ann Maria Merry, of 30, Farman Rd., Coventry, England.

Fisher Rd. BROOKES ALFRED LEONARD Age 21 Died 10/07/1917 Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps2nd Bn. Belgium 'R/33936' NIEUPORT MEMORIAL Son of Mr. A. and Mrs. L. Brookes, of Fisher Rd., Foleshill, Coventry; husband of Mrs. W. E. Brookes, of 8, Jeynes Buildings, Oldbury Rd., Tewkesbury.

ISON FRANCIS JOSEPH Age 19 Died 27/09/1918 Private Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th Bn. France '43083' VILLERS HILL BRITISH CEMETERY, VILLERS-GUISLAIN VI. E. 14. Son of Joseph Albert and Isabella Ison, of 64, Fisher Rd., Coventry. Born at Wimbledon, Surrey.

Foleshill Rd. CARPENTER ALBERT HENRY Age 27 Died 08/10/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 11th Bn. Belgium '16666' TYNE COT CEMETERY LXIV. A. 10. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Carpenter, of 537, Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

BURDIN FRANK AMESBURY Age 27 Died 16/05/1915 Lieutenant, Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd Bn. France LE TOURET MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUE II. F. 15. Son of Harry and Mary Jane Burdin, of 120., Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

GREENWAY ARTHUR HENRY Age 25 Died 03/05/1917 Private East Surrey Regiment 8th Bn. France '25167' ARRAS MEMORIAL Bay 6. Son of Arthur and Florence Greenway, of 28, Brooklyn Rd., Coventry; husband of Olive Greenway, of 279, Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

KELSEY EDMUND Age 23 M M Died 31/10/1918 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery  211th Siege Bty. France '95978' TOURGEVILLE MILITARY CEMETERY IV. F. 9. Son of John and Matilda Kelsey, of 96, Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

KIGHTLEY WILFRED HENRY Age 19 Died 24/08/1916 Lance Corporal Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 5th Bn. France '19434' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 10 A and 10 D. Brother of Miss Hilda G. Kightley, of 417, Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

MAWBY WILLIAM THOMAS Age 21 Died 16/10/1914 Rifleman King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st Bn. United Kingdom '11502' LINCOLN (NEWPORT) CEMETERY Plot D. Grave 101A Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mawby, of 454, Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

NORRIS SYDNEY FRANK Age 22 Died 28/04/1919  Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery Italy TURIN TOWN CEMETERY In small plot against N. West side. Son of Frank H Norris, of 791, Foleshill Rd Coventry, and the late Bertha Annie Norris.

SOUTH AMOS JOSEPH age 28 Died 06/02/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/6th Bn. France '20742' BRAY MILITARY CEMETERY I. D. 2. Son of Joseph T. and H. South, of 795, Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

SUTTON ALECK Age 30 Died 21/05/1918  Sapper Royal Engineers 459th Field Coy. France '155608' ESQUELBECQ MILITARY CEMETERY II. D. 13. Son of Harry Sutton, of Bocking, Essex; husband of Annie Maud Sutton, of 427, Foleshill Road, Coventry, Warwick.

THAIN ALFRED Age 34 Died 08/11/1920 Chief Shipwright 2nd Class Royal Navy H.M.S. "Vivid." United Kingdom '344427' PLYMOUTH (EFFORD) CEMETERY General A. 31. Son of James and Jane Thain of 11, Craven Avenue, Plymouth; husband of Ellen R. M. Thain, of 595, Foleshill Rd., Coventry. His brother Charles also fell.

TUCK WILLIAM Age 28 Died 21/10/1914PrivateWiltshire Regiment 1st Bn France '7606' LE TOURET MEMORIAL Panel 33 and 34. Son of Edward and Mary Ann Tuck, of 1, Bishop Gate Green, Follishill Rd., Coventry; husband of Bessie Lavinia Maud Hatcher (formerly Tuck), of 84, Park St., Yeovil, Somerset.

WHEELDON JAMES Age 19 Died 04/01/1918 Private Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) 1st/5th Bn. Belgium '26647' YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERY IV. A. 17. Son of Sarah Ann Passam (formerly Wheeldon), of 793, Foleshill Rd., Coventry, and the late Thomas Wheeldon.

WOODWARD WALTER Age 24 Died 01/11/1914 Trooper 1st Life Guards "D" Sqdn. Belgium '2739' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 3. Son of Mrs. Delilah Ann Woodward, of 38, Foleshill Rd., Coventry.

Ford St. CLARKE ALFRED HENRY Age 32 Died 30/10/1914 Lance SerjeantRoyal Welsh Fusiliers 1st Bn. Belgium '6253' YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 22. Son of John and Elizabeth Clarke, of Wolston, Warwickshire; husband of Florence Mabel Elizabeth Spink (formerly Clarke), of 30, Ford St., Coventry. 

First Ave. RICHARDS G Age 26 Died 10/05/1915 Private Lincolnshire Regiment 1st Bn. Germany '6261'm NIEDERZWEHREN CEMETERY, KASSEL VII. A. 6. Husband of Elizabeth Davidson (formerly Richards), of 31, First Avenue, Copeswood, Stoke, Coventry.

Francis St. DALTON STANLEY STEPHEN Age 19 Died 24/04/1918 Lance Bombardier Royal Field Artillery "D" Bty. 290th Bde. France '931098' ADELAIDE CEMETERY, VILLERS-BRETONNEUX II. D. 3. Son of Mr. R. G. Dalton, of 16, Francis St., Broad St., Coventry.

HOLLINS WILLIAM HERBERT Age 19 Died 30/08/1916 Lance Corporal Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 7th Bn.France'23942' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 6 B. Son of William and Amy Hollins, of 11, Francis St., Coventry.

HAYFIELD GEORGE FREDERICK Age 19 Died 05/10/1919 Private Dorsetshire Regiment 1st Bn. United Kingdom '41137' LONDONDERRY (OR DERRY) CITY CEMETERY G. Mil. 5. Son of Arthur and Ada Maria Hayfield, of 44, Francis St., Coventry.

TIMS WALTER Age £30 Died 07/06/1915 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st/7th Bn. Belgium '1868' LA PLUS DOUVE FARM CEMETERY V. C. 1. Husband of F. Tims of 4, Francis St., Foleshill, Coventry,.

Freehold St. WORRALL WILLIAM HENRY Age 43 Died 03/09/1916 Serjeant Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd Bn. France '2839' THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 9 A 9 B and 10 B. Husband of Clara E. Worrall, of 20, Freehold St., Coventry.

Freeman St. EDWARDS JOHN WESLEY Age 27 M C, Mentioned in Despatches Died 08/11/1917 Second Lieutenant Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars (Worcester Yeomanry) 1st/1st Israel and Palestine (including Gaza) GAZA WAR CEMETERY XIX. D. 11. Son of John Wesley Edwards, of 55, Freeman St., Coventry.

TUNNICLIFFE ERNEST Age 40 Died 07/10/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment "A" Coy. 11th Bn. Belgium '19610' TYNE COT MEMORIAL Panel 23 to 28 and 163A. Husband of Florence Tunnicliffe, of 20, Freeman St., Coventry.

Freeth St . CADDEN HERBERT Age 39 Died 09/04/1917 Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd/7th Bn. France '265870' CHAPELLE BRITISH CEMETERY, HOLNON IV. C. 7. Husband of Mrs. M. L. Cadden, of 42, Freeth St., Coventry.

Friars Rd. BONHAM HAROLD GEORGE Age 27 Died 20/10/1918 Private London Regiment Labour Corps 20th Bn. France '6645' STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVRE Div. 62. V. L. 14. Son of Alfred and Fannie Bonham, of "Bangor," Friars Rd., Coventry.